Debunking self care

 The importance of self care.

Now, you're probably here, reading this blog as a cry for help. Why is it so hard for me to find an article on what self care actually means and what importance does it provide for me? Mind racing as you battle with yourself for answers and relevancy in articles. Well, you are in luck, as I have exactly what you need in this blog. 

What is self care? Self care is the practice of taking care of yourself in order to preserve your health. This refers to your mental state as well as physical. There are many acts of self care, some examples are maintaining a regular sleep routine, eating healthy, exercising, expressing gratitude and so on. Self care can look different from person to person. However, the key here is that in order for self care to count it must promote health and happiness to oneself. 

The importance of self care is that it promotes a healthy and happy lifestyle. We lead increasingly busy lives and it can be difficult to put ourselves first. We even forget, but self care does not need to cost you the earth to do. It could be taking a bath, doing yoga or even cooped up with a good book. The list is endless. Neglecting self care means neglecting ourselves. We tend to loose our identities and this can feel like we are out of touch with the world around us. This leads us to becoming unhappy and unpleasant individuals. I assume from you searching into self care you are in need of guidance and are feeling quite stuck. Fortunately, this is why there is plenty of help in this article and guidance in other sources I have written about in here. 

 We are human, after all, so self care can become daunting and tough to keep up with. But there are ways around this. Follow these steps to fight back and avoid this draughting feeling. 

Firstly, we need to make time for ourselves. But you may ask, how? How on earth will I make time with my busy schedule. To begin with, we need to identify our needs. What is it that I need to do that will promote self care? Listen to your gut. What does it tell you in regards of taking care of yourself. Secondly, learn to say no. We can find ourselves pushing our bodies and minds too extreme levels just for the sake of it which really jeopardises our health, both in mental and physical states. This leaves us worn out and exhausted. We need to ask ourselves what it is really worth it for us to be doing this to ourselves. Do you get what you want out of wearing out both your mind and body for this? Self evaluation is important to give us the right answers which brings me onto the next step of defeating excuses and debunking how do we make time for ourselves which is self reflection. Self reflection is a serious thought about who you are, what you want and the actions you carry out. This can be difficult to begin. Although, a question I found asking myself was one that came from a great Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson who said, "What is one thing I am doing wrong, that I know I am doing wrong, That I could fix, that I would fix? You meditate on that and you'll get an answer." This question helped me unravel some truly hidden answers. Another way to make time for yourself is by setting boundaries. Ensure there is balance in what you do and where you find yourself overworking, you must set a boundary on it. It is important that these are realistic and achievable. Finally, do nothing. Yeah, that is right I said it...nothing. Don't scratch your head or look at this article sideways as it is ok to find yourself being completely unproductive, especially, as I mention earlier that we lead increasingly busy lives. Enjoy a distraction free moment. Take deep breathes and smile. Gather mindfulness. 

Will this be something you try? 

QUOTE - "you deserve better and you know you do." - Unknown 

I hope this article has given some clarity and left you with a better understanding on self care. No matter what your situation is I wish you the best on your journey with self care and remind you that there is help out there whenever you need it. This article will be here always so you can link back to it whenever necessary. 

Best of luck,

Lucy Lu x 

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