How to become a success

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How to become successful and achieve the goals you set out to achieve

But, what is success to begin with? 

According to the Cambridge dictionary, success can be defined as, "achieving the results wanted and hoped for." Success comes in differently to all of us. It could be having financial freedom or being able to travel the world, seeing all the landmarks. 

Success is not always about money and fame. It can also be about personal fulfilment.

Success is achievable if you are willing to take action on it. You can read my article, the next article, watch videos and so on, but its down to you to take responsibility and create your own success. It will not be handed to you so stop picturing yourself in that dead end job and stop sitting there wasting your time. The quicker you act now, the closer you get to success. These successes I have related to are financial and career pursuits. Again, these could look different to you and your job may provide fulfilment, whereas another area in your life is something you strive to work towards and achieve success in. 

1. Learn what success means to you

Define your definition of success. Understand and come to terms with what success means to you. I could list some ideas to help but understand that this is meant to be personal to you. Is success achieving better health, fitness, financial freedom or so on? Whatever it may be, grab a pen, a notebook, the notes app on your phone or a digital tool such as notion and define success. Write whatever comes to mind and have it there for you to reflect on. 

2. Write down your goals

Now you have defined what success is and have more of an idea of what it looks like to you it is time to create goals that are in line with your version of success and have a plan. Come up with a plan that drives you towards this goal. Lets say you want to loose weigh. This is your version of success. So, as suggested, write down a plan in order to achieve this. For this example you would write down things such as Monday, Wednesday and Friday attend the gym. On Sunday and Tuesday go on a 45 minute walk, Ever time I see stairs I will take them over the lift or escalators. Eat more healthy. A rough plan like this, it does not need to be perfect. This is coming from a perfectionist so it is easier said then done....I KNOW, however, you've got to understand it does not need to be top notch, you are starting out and you just need guidance to begin with. 

3. Incorporate it into your day to day

Easing these plans into your day to day is a lot easier than forgetting life happens, habits exist and its not a breeze in the park. Therefore, I say you incorporate it into your day to day. What I mean by this is with your plans, come up with a way you could fit them into your current life. If you drop the kids off at 9am and between 9:30am-12:30am you have a free space then take advantage of this! If you struggle with time like most of us do then find a way to fit them in with your bed routine or your morning routine. This could look like waking up an hour earlier or going to bed an hour later. Whatever it is, ease it in and fit it in with your day to day, being realistic. 


4. Build on your expertise

There is no age where you should stop learning. You should build on your knowledge and strengthen you understanding. With your success in mind, dwell on the idea and figure out some grey areas you might have. If, again, your success is to loose weight then understand how. Research and may be do an online lesson (as it's all out there on google) on loosing weight and whatever the next goal may be. Strengthen your understanding. You loose nothing and you gain a better perspective. You will have more confidence in your plans, goals and overall success. This will be the drive to keep you going.

5. Start Believing

As I mentioned earlier. It is all down to you. If you don't take action then you will never succeed. This follows with having the belief in what you do. When you attempt what you set out to achieve, do it with full belief. Have confidence in your goals and do not give up on yourself. 

It does take time and consistency but if you persist then result will shortly follow and goals will be met. Your plan will slowly fall into shape. 

To conclude:

No matter what it is you set out to achieve it is in your hands. 

Take action and see the results. Do this with full intention and deliver at your best as 1% every day adds up. - James Clear 


Success amplifies who you already are - Will Smith 
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