Use these tips to find purpose in your life

How to find the purpose in your life

Finding your purpose is important. The reason for this is because it is your reasoning. The motivation behind each action and the intention for each day. 

We all want to jump out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm and a feeling of fulfilment. 

Writing on self development, I would like to help you find your purpose in life and help you to discover your reasoning. 

In this blog post I will be covering why ๐Ÿค” discovering your purpose is important, how ๐Ÿคจ to discover your purpose and I will provide a free template created for you to fill out discover your drive ๐Ÿš˜ in life. 

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What is purpose and why does it matter? 

Purpose can be defined as the reasoning behind an action. It is your intentions set towards carrying out something. 

My purpose, for example, to study marketing is because it provides enjoyment and I want to pursue a career in it in the long run. 

But, why does purpose matter? 

Like most of us, you have once felt lost. This could even be something you feel right now hence why you are delving into this blog. 

Finding your purpose in life is important as it serves as enthusiasm behind each of your actions. You carry out tasks with intention and have reasoning to get up in the mornings, climb out of bed with determination and intention. 

Having purpose prevents you from feeling lost. You gain a sense of clarity and motivation to keep going. 

Each and everyone of us has our own purpose and will discover that not everyone's purpose is the same. It much like a fingerprint. It is personal to you and unique. 

How do I find my purpose? 

Now you have a better understanding of what purpose is, you are likely wondering how to discover your purpose. 

You can find your purpose by following a Japanese concept called Ikigai. Ikigai is discovering your reason to live. It is a visual exercise broken down into 4 questions within 4 large circles looking like the image below:

Ikigai diagram

What I love - Here you will list out activities and passions you love to do. This could be travelling, yoga, reading or even cats. List the things you find enjoyment in or have a strong interest for. 

What I am good at - Here you will list out a bunch of talents or skills that you can master. This could be writing, teaching or public speaking. It could be anything you are skilful at. 

What the world needs - This will be your opinion on something that can transform the world into a better place. What is something you think is missing in the world? Is this compassion or better education? 

What I can be paid for - Finally, this is about the money! Here, look at some of your talents and think deeply about the skills you uphold and whether you can make some money out of it. You could be gardening so why not market yourself and get some money out of it. 

After filling up all these circles you will find intersections: 

  • Passion
  • Mission
  • Profession 
  • Vocation

In these intersections you will find what is common in each circle. Did you mention teaching in both what I love and what the world needs? Then this would go into the intersection 'mission.' 

It does not need to be the same words that draw out similarities but what relates closely. So instead of teaching in both what I love and what the world needs it could be education in what the world needs and teaching in what I love for example.

Once all intersections are filled out you will see a common subject. 

This will be you Ikigai! Your purpose. 

Do your own Ikigai: 

Here I have attached a worksheet I created that you can fill out and discover you own Ikigai.

There are many videos walking you through the concept of Ikigai, including Ted talks which are linked in the text. 

If you are interested further into the topic of Ikigai, this blog on Business Awakening sums it up quite well. 

Woman reading book Ikigai

You can also delve into Youtube videos as well as read the book Ikigai by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles. 

Key ๐Ÿ”‘ Takeaway: 

Behind every successful person is a sense of purpose, a reason behind their drive. Unless you uncover your purpose then you will continue to cruise through life on autopilot, dragging yourself out of bed, longing to be fulfilled. 

Fill out your Ikigai exercise today! Download the copy in this post and share your findings with a friend! 


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