Being a Fly On The Wall

Being A Fly On The Wall Has It's Benefits

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Phrase: A Fly On The Wall. Definition: an unnoticed observer that takes note of situations whilst being overlooked.

Being a fly on the wall can be beneficial to the majority of us. What if you sat back for a moment to observe? What would come to your attention? 

I think it is important for us to observe sometimes and take a moment to reflect. This applies to all of us. To founders, managers, retail assistants and stay at home mums. All of us. This does not only apply to workers but even unemployed people. All of us! 

By why do I touch on this subject? 

Because I would like to share my experience providing lessons I learnt and some you may also be able to learn from.

Why is being a fly on the wall important?

Have you ever said something too fast that you can't take back and you're just sat there wishing you would have kept your mouth shut? I sure have and it has happened to the best of us. Being able to sit back, observe and reflect can allow us to make better decisions. 

A Little Story Time 📖

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I am currently a 21 year old, unemployed, aspiring digital marketer. My area of interest is in Social Media Marketing and content creation. I am unemployed after leaving a role within the food industry around 6 months ago. This was due to me feeling unaccomplished and wanting something bigger. 

I have also felt a little out of touch with reality, especially when it came to careers.  I just couldn't decide. I didn't end up going to university. At 18 I left sixth form (equivalent to 12th grade) and just decided I wasn't ready for Uni. 

At that point I was often told that I was making a mistake. But I am glad. I don't believe in mistakes. I believe in lessons. Not going University taught me that it's possible without a degree. It taught me that I am more comfortable with hands on work and that I like learning it my own time. It taught me that if I just wait, and be a fly on the wall, then I can benefit from it. 

Quitting work is never easy. Handing in your notice can be scary. I have done both and do not regret it one bit. My dreams have never been so vibrant and clear. 

From being totally lost and uncertain of where I would be in one year I can confidently state my aspirations and I am that step closer to becoming a successful social media manager. 

I taught myself, taking online lessons, purchasing textbooks and reading endless self-development books, coming to the conclusion that: 1) Marketing is the career path I want to be on and 2) it is so totally possible! 

I sat back and observed. I watched how my peers did it, my network did it and from there took my own spin on things. 

I utilised LinkedIn and from the online learning I did, I connected to as many people I came across on that course, people with similar career aspirations and recruiters. This was just one of my many great decisions that I made. I connected to an assessor from my course. He had noticed my constant cry for a job and decided to reach out to me.

This is where I was offered work experience which I am still very blessed to be doing. I am completing my work experience at Neil Laybourn Consultancy. Here I am training to become the social media manager. 

This work experience has reinstalled hope and faith in my abilities to obtain my end goal. It has taught me even more about observing. It has proven that being a fly on the wall leads to results. If I did not observe, overlook and absorb my surroundings then I would have not stumbled across the opportunity. I wouldn't have joined the course, met my assessor or used LinkedIn. 

By being a fly on the wall I can absorb knowledge, pay attention better and produce a more positive output. 

The summary of this story is that I took time off, away and became a fly on the wall. I decided to observe my surroundings and take on the necessary actions. I was able to progress through the hardships of job rejections and observe the rights from wrongs, equipping me with preparedness and confidence for the next time around. 

The effects of being a fly on the wall

You are present in the moment

By being present and absorbing your surroundings you are better prepared and can attack situations with more efficiency. 

Your problem solving skills improve and you make better decisions

By observing and listening that bit more you gain a better understanding of the situation which sets you up to identify the best option. 

You are more reasonable

Sitting back and absorbing enables you to become aware of your surroundings and reason as you absorb the information that leads to a greater understanding. You understand facts and can validate them.

Build better relations

By observing more you are listening more. This makes people feel valuable and heard. This leads to people being more open to you and improves relationships within teams and individuals. 

You reduce uncertainty

This means you can make calculated decisions and feel more certain about them. This leads to an increase in confidence and better self esteem overall. 

"To acquire knowledge one must study but to acquire wisdom one must observe." -Mariyln Vos Savant

The key takeaways🔑

Take time to make decisions. 
Mistakes are lessons.
Be more of a fly on the wall.
It is ok if you are lost but take the time to self reflect. 
Network with the people you know and in the same sector as you.
We can learn a thing or two from flies. 🪰

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I am 21 years old and I love anything to do with self development. I post blog posts for fun and to provide insights and may be teach you a thing or two. I love cats and I am trying to become a social media manager.

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