Lessons the cat taught me

Lessons taught by the cat

ginger cat sat on the floor with his paws tucked in and eyes closed

I am home alone contemplating life and all the wonders of the world when I look over and see my cats sitting there. Their calm, quiet presence got me thinking about how they do it? How do they stay so trusting and relaxed all the time? How do they remain so chill even when it thunders outside and when the neighbours fight? 

Now, it might be a stretch to claim that they are calm ALL of the time, but most of the time they are. Majority of their lives they are calm when placed in suitable living conditions and homes.  

Usually, they are sunbathing, perched on the window seal, sleeping, or scratching the sofa. 

I wanted to know how I could do it. Be so chill like them. How could we learn a thing or two from our fluffy friends?

Here's what I discovered. 

Cats are curious: Curiosity

I am sure we have all heard the phrase, "Curiosity killed the cat." But when we truly think about it I wonder... how so? Curiosity leads to too many great executions. As a result of curiosity, the creation of all great things came about. Curiosity encouraged Thomas Edison to create the lightbulb. Bringing us light in the darkest hours! It encouraged Vinton Cerf and his men to create the Internet. I mean try to imagine a world without it now! How would you be seeing this blog post? You wouldn't. How would you be using your favourite and beloved social media apps and sites? You wouldn't. 

This left me to realise that if we confront our curiosity more, and take risks, then we could discover remarkable things. We could break the market with an innovation unheard of, unseen and unthinkable. We could take on our day-to-day in a different light and just go for it. 

What if we began worrying less? Would our lives have a completely different trajectory? Would you be sat staring at your screen as you are now or would you be working on that idea or that plan?

My cat taught me that being curious is not such a bad thing. 

When the cat sees a new box on the floor they jump in it. They discover comfort and security. They are rewarded with a new place to stay. 

When you see a role that has titles such as executive, manager, representative and officer you will shy away due to the lack of 'experience' you hold. The assumption you associate with the name scares you. But would it be truly that bad if you opened the application and looked at what they are looking for in the next 'executive' at their company? 

You might find that they are asking for someone just like YOU. However, by fearing the title of the role and scrolling to look for another position that better 'suits' your background more will lead to you limiting your opportunity. 

It eliminates growth. 

By not being that little more curious you would have never found out that you are suited for that role. Therefore, you would have settled for less. 

Cats don't settle for less. They remain curious and open to opportunity, which leads to greater rewards. They jump to unreachable spots, go to hidden places and discover comfort within them. 

Cats are content: Contentedness

You will never find a cat going into a frenzy over the colour of their food bowl. You won't find a cat complaining about the cold or heat. Instead, you will find a cat that finds a solution. If it's too cold they will huddle up with their friends in the house. You will find them under the blanket or sitting in the sun. You will find that cats get on with it and will eat from the bowl that they are given.

The cat focuses on the solution.

Why then do we complain so much? Why don't we search for solutions instead? Why don't we focus on the bigger picture and not the insignificant problems of the world. 

I am sure, if we stopped focusing on the opinions of others then we would be a lot more happier. We would feel more content. 

Cats don't care what you think and how you feel when they scratch the door at 3am to come in and cuddle up with you. They just care about the result. The end goal. They want that door open so they do what it takes with no feelings behind it. They might acknowledge the person who attends to the door in an attempt to shoo them away is grumpy and annoyed but in the end, are rewarded with an action and a result is produced. 

OF COURSE, there are morals to this and extremes we cannot take when I state this point, BUT, next time you make a decision do it for yourself. For example, the next time you get dressed and go outside think about doing it for yourself. Not the validation of others or getting approval from whoever, just think about what makes you feel complete and comfortable. Dress the way you would like to. Next time do it for you. Make decisions for yourself.

The cat focuses on themselves and their feelings. They focus on the goal they want to complete without the opinion of others. They don't care what Fluffy or Felix might think, they get on with it and results flood in. 

So next time, remember to do it for yourself. Make decisions on your own and execute it within reason. 

Cats are forgiving: Forgiveness

When was the last time you accidentally stepped on your cat's tail or fed them a few minutes late? Did the cat hate you for a few minutes? Probably. But did they forgive you after those few minutes? Yes. If not they would have most likely run away or never approached you again. 

Cats are forgiving creatures and they get over it quickly. They do not hold resentment in them for long as they return back to you and are reassured by your actions of petting them, speaking to them, feeding them and taking care of them that you do not present any threat. They forgive that it was a mistake and there was no bad intent behind the action. 

We can learn that although someone has upset us and made us feel a particular way we can forgive. There are extremes to this, however, I am focusing on the lesser extremes.

We can forgive those who have wished us bad, been wrong towards us and been dishonest. Forgiveness can actually heal us and allow us to prosper. 

If we forgive more we are more empathetic and suffer less. We can redirect those questions within our minds such as, "Why me?" "Am I even deserving?" And so forth. We can change our inner thoughts and feelings and redirect them in a more positive light.

We can move on quicker and live with less resentment. Ultimately, leading us to live more fulfilling lives. 

The cat forgives and lives on to learn from it. They do not hold resentment inside and suffer internally. Instead, they get on and take it as a stepping stone in life. 

Forgive more and sweat the insignificant stuff less. 

The Result= Live a happier, more fulfilling life. Less misery and more cheerfulness 😉. 

Cats teach us a lot more than we imagine. Next time you are sat with your furry friend reflect on their choice of actions and find that the little, insignificance we sweat in our every day lives might not even be worth sweating about after all. 

As humans, we do take life too seriously sometimes. It might be worth having time off to self-reflect and discover our own way in life. We need to stop living our lives for others and do it for us. Do it for you. 

The words people throw at us may hurt and leave a scar or two but that shouldn't stop us from pursuing the life we want. If you want to become a YouTuber then do it. If you want to become a singer then do it. You will be faced with criticism in all areas of life but it's what you choose to listen to that will make all the difference. 

Those who do not know you will make assumptions. Those who envy you want to be you and those who speak so poorly of you are threatened by you. 

Keep following your dreams. If you are receiving criticism then you are doing something right. People fear those who have power and the ability to create change. 

Learn from a cat. 

Key Takeaways 🔑

Be more forgiving.
Sweat the insignificant stuff less. 
Be open to opportunity.
Be more curious. 
Care less about what others think of you.
Make your own decisions. 
Forgiveness of others leads to demolishing inner suffering too. 
Complain less and seek solutions instead.
Take action!

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